She has no soul!  Or allow me to reword…she has no ‘sole’. I looked across the room at her as she sat quietly on her stool in the corner of Social Bite’s café last week, her hands wrapped around a mug of steaming hot tea. It was her usual seat, and her usual behaviour. Unlike … Continue reading CARING SOLES


Blue shoes. Size seven loafers, if we’re to be exact. As she gifted them to me, it was with the comment that ‘her feet’ were ‘too wide’ for them, yet another hint at her low self-esteem. Later, gazing across at the nurse washing down her empty bed, and then back at those blue shoes now … Continue reading BLUE SHOES


“Ohhhh my God!” Everyone gathered in the wee living room heard the cry but no-one flinched. It was nothing unusual, just the well-renowned, dramatic side of my gran. The world wasn’t coming to an end, the roof hadn’t caved in…she’d only went and burnt her batch of shortbread! You’ve got to understand though, Thursday night … Continue reading A WEE GATHERING


Folks, a bit of a short arty post today and different to my usual… Sometimes, even amidst the madness of a nominee’s campaign, there is a poignant moment. There we were, some of my wonderful Edinburgh Central team and I, standing at the top of the Royal Mile today, ready to knock the doors of the Old … Continue reading OLD TOWN MOMENT